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Apple Pay Cash Reportedly Starts Rolling out Globally


According to some new reports, Apple has launched its peer-to-peer payment service globally. Apple pay cash was earlier launched in the U.S. Now it has launched to all the iPhone users. However, Apple has not made any announcement yet.

Apple Pay Cash reportedly starts Rolling out Globally

The feature, which allows users to send money through the Messages app, has reportedly appeared in Spain, Brazil, the U.K. and Ireland. Any of the cards registered in the Wallet app can be used to send money. Sending money using a debit card is free. But if you use a credit card it will cost you 3% of the transaction value.

Using this feature, people can send money within a country. However, it is not clear whether we can send money to other countries or not. Moreover, it may require more money for such transaction. However, Apple has not made any announcement regarding this. Let’ see when Apple will launch it officially.


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