By creating a WhatsApp channel, you can become famous and create a good fanbase.

WhatsApp is probably the biggest platform for chatting with friends, chatting in groups and many other official conversations. The user base of WhatsApp is much larger than other social media apps. What is common and what is special, everything is being used to its fullest. There is no dearth of features, but the gear used to get stuck at one place. What to do if you have to communicate with 10-20 thousand people simultaneously? Now the answer has come. WhatsApp has brought WhatsApp Channels. What about talking to thousands and lakhs of people in just one click?

Will you say, has Kumbhakarna woke up from his sleep? It’s been more than a week since WhatsApp Channels was launched in India and now you’re singing the praises of it. We would say that sir, we woke up only when the feature was launched on Instagram 6 months ago. We were just checking the features. Also checked and created WhatsApp channel of Now we have another way to talk to you. Official WhatsApp channel of Quickly click on the link and join… done, now let us tell you its features. The middle son got it first On February 16, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched the channel on his Insta account. Since then, it was confirmed that even though the ‘middle son’ may have got the feature first, soon the ‘younger son’ meaning WhatsApp and then the ‘elder son’ meaning Facebook will also get it. It happened exactly the same. On June 8, this feature was launched for WhatsApp in Singapore and Colombia and last week for 180 countries, including India.

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