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A Return of Home button in Google Chrome for Android


Google is continuously adding new features and experimenting new design for its Chrome browser. However, the interface changes are usually minor. But the change that to the interface has caused a lot of controversy among users is the removal of the home button in the toolbar.

On some devices when we use Chrome, a home button appears in the address bar. The reason behind this that manufacturers can optionally include an APK known as ‘ChromeCustomizations.apk’ in the system folder, which sets default values for the home link and bookmarks. But, if there is a device without ChromeCustomizations.apk, then in the first place we can’t get the home button .

Home button in Google Chrome for Android

According to a new flag discovered by XDA Developers, now it seems that might finally be changing. The flag, named #force-enable-home-page-button, turns on the home button whether the device has the ChromeCustomizations APK or not. This new feature is only available in the very latest build of Chrome Canary. However if this feature is not available at your device then that means, the update may not be rolled out to you yet. You can go into Chrome‘s settings to set your home page of choice, just like when OEMs enable the button.


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